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Episode 13: Second Grade Secrets to Making the Perfect Turkey

It is time for Thanksgiving, good food and giving thanks. On this episode of the Supercast, elementary school students share their thoughts on the holiday and tell us how to cook the perfect turkey with all the trimmings.

Happy Thanksgiving from the Supercast!

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Welcome to the Supercast. I'm your host superintendent, Anthony Godfrey. Today we are talking Turkey and giving. Thanks on this Thanksgiving day, episode, fourth and fifth grade students at Hayden peak elementary school. Talk about what they're thankful for, from family and friends to teachers and talk. But first we head out to Fox Hollow Elementary where second grade students share their thoughts on preparing the perfect Thanksgiving meal, including cooking. What could be the biggest Turkey of all time? Tell me your name for Island. What's your favorite food? Thanksgiving. Turkey. Turkey. How long does it take to cook a Turkey? Do you think?

Maybe 10 minutes. 30 seconds and minutes and 30 seconds. What if you only cook at 10 minutes and not the 30 seconds? What do you think with him? It would maybe be raw. Yeah. It's you know, I I'm, I'm not a chef. I don't cook things. I eat a lot more than I cook, so I don't, I don't, I'm not really sure how to cook all this stuff. What other foods does your family have at Thanksgiving? Fish potatoes, mashed potatoes. I hope they have gravy for colors. Great. Sometimes. Which you perfect. Sorry. Sorry. Put the pressure on your whole class is watching to see what type of gravy you like. I like the Brown. You like the white? Okay. All right. Let's talk gravy folks. That's a very comfortable topic for me. You like the Brown? Tell me your name and what's your favorite food of Thanksgiving?

Probably. Is it Turkey too?

Like the Turkey? Do you like the white meat or the dark meat? Dark, dark meat. Brown gravy. What else do you like offensive?

The mashed potatoes and the pumpkin

Potatoes. You think, feel like you eat more on Thanksgiving day than on other days? I do too. How long do you think it takes to cook a Turkey? Really know either to tell you the honest truth. How long do you think what's your name? Donny. Donny. How long do you think it takes to cook a Turkey?

30 seconds.

30 seconds. Do you cook it in the microwave or the oven? The oven. So 30 seconds in the oven. How hot do you think the oven needs to be?

I'm super hot.

Super hot. Is that a setting on the oven or do you think you just turn it up pretty high? Just think you turn it up

Super high.

If it's glowing red inside and it's hard to get close to it, then it's hot enough. Yeah. Okay. Thanks. We're getting a lot of good advice here. I think listeners, you ought to try this advice because until you've tried it, how do you know? How do you know whether it works or not? Alright, let's talk with you over here at this table. What is your name? Kaia. Do you like Thanksgiving? Yes. What do you like about Thanksgiving?

I'm probably spending time with my family.

Do you watch sports at all?

Mm, my Intel, my lbs tell me that I have to.

Oh, they tell you that you have to watch sports. Yes. You don't necessarily want now what's your name? You don't like to watch sports either. You said? Nope. Not on Thanksgiving? Nope. Did they watch Thanksgiving sports at your house? Yeah. What sport did they want?

Um, I forgot,

But they do watch sports. And you don't like, so what do you do instead? Go downstairs and play. What's your name? Chalice. How many pounds do you think Turkey is?

2 million,

2 million pounds. Does that include stuffing or is that without the stuffing? Without the stuffing? Whoa, that's just another reason not to cook this stuffing in the Turkey. Over 2 million pounds may be too much for the oven. Um, how long do you cook? A Turkey? Three hours. Three hours for 2 million pounds. Okay. And what temperature?

900 degrees.

900 degrees. 2 million pounds. Three hours. Okay. You, you are listening at home. I'm hope you're taking notes because chalice knows what's up. How many, how many people would that feed the whole earth? The generosity that Charles is showing right now, he wants to feed the whole earth with a 2 million pound Turkey. It's it's it's truly inspiring. It's inspiring. What does Thanksgiving look like for you? Chalice?

Um, it's really fun.

What makes it fun? Besides 2 million pounds of Turkey, meat

Watching Aggies football,

Watching Aggies football on Thanksgiving. Do you want, do you cheer for the Aggies all the time? Yes. Are you required to, or does he do just come by this naturally?

I just like to, and they were a favorite team.

Okay. I respect that. Tell me your name, Braden. What do you like about Thanksgiving? Turkey. Turkey. What else? Turkey. So you like Turkey and Turkey. And what else? Well, it's, you know, Braden, since you like Turkey so much. It's a good thing. Because challenge is over. There has 2 million pounds of Turkey meat. He's trying to get rid of. Wow. Anybody like cranberries. Okay. Tell me your name, Jack and Jack. You do not like cranberries. What do you dislike about cranberries? What did they do to you? I hate them now. See, not liking cranberries is different from hating them. Did you have a bad experience in your childhood? You just have decided you hate them? Yeah. Have you ever tried them? Have you ever tried them? Yes. You did try them. And what do they taste like?

Uh, I don't know. Really too much.

They just taste like unhappiness. Where do cranberries come from?

I don't know.

You just wish they'd go back. Yeah. Alright. Fair enough. Brinley. Who eats the most in your family at Thanksgiving? My grandpa. Your grandpa does. Okay. Do you think your grandpa realizes he's the one who eats the most? Yes. Is he proud of it? Does he kind of tell everyone he's going to eat more than everyone else? Yes. Okay. Here's the big question after he eats more than everyone else, does he then fall asleep on the couch? Yes. Okay. Do you know what? He sounds like a lot of grandpas out there. Tell me your name and chasing when you're not playing and having fun. How do you help at Thanksgiving? I clean up you clean up. Wow. That's impressive. What do you do to help? Clean up. Okay.

I felt like that trash.

Is that only at Thanksgiving or do you do that all the time? Yeah,

I see all the time.

Wow. That's really cool. Uh, that is going to be necessary after we serve 2 million pounds of Turkey, there's going to be a lot of cleanup and garbage. So you guys make a good team. Some of you know how to cook. Some of you, you know, are, uh, ready to clean up. And that's awesome. Please tell me your name. What do you think is in stuffing?

Um, like, uh, I don't know.

I don't know either.

Um, I think like, they kind of like these little things that like, so like math,

These little things that feel like mashed potatoes. What else? Who else has an idea? Brayden? What do you think is in stuffing sheep for what is sheep for sheep for? Well, some of the stuffing I've had has not been very tasty, but I don't think that any of it has had sheep for that. I'm aware of eight. And where do you think is in stuffing bread? Bread? Yes, it is. There is bragging stuffing. There's a lot of other stuff I don't know about, but well done. Oh and celery. Wow. And what else? Bread and salary and carrots and carrots and love Donny what's in stuffing, a million hearts, a million hearts, a million hearts, 2 million pounds of Turkey. It's a beautiful thing.

Um, like, so bread, celery, carrots, broccoli.

Wow. Brad salary. It sounds very good for you. Maybe we should all eat some more stuffing. Okay. Thank you very much for letting me come in and talk with you guys. We'll take a quick break and we'll be back to speak with students from Hayden peak elementary about Thanksgiving. How many times do you hear your child ask what's for breakfast or what's for lunch? Find out what's on the menu at your child's Jordan school district school every day by simply downloading the Nutri slice app to your smartphone or desktop. The neutral slice app gives you quick and easy access to daily menus, pictures of meals, choices, and nutrition information. Along with allergens present in the foods. The app also allows students and parents to give feedback on food. Download the neutral slice app today and enjoy school breakfast and lunch in your school. Cafeteria. Welcome back. We're here with students at Hayden peak. Talking about what they're thankful for. What's your name? My name's Shannon. And what are you thankful for around Thanksgiving time?

I'm really thankful for my family and my friends and a lot of people, basically

A lot of people. That's a good thing to be thankful for. Who else are you thankful for? I'm also thankful

For my teachers and policemen and firefighters and um, people who serve our country. My name is Cody and I am thankful for the U S military and how they served us and some have given their lives. And I'm thankful for my family and what they've provided for me, my family and the things they do for me. I'm Kona. And I'm for school.

What do you like about school?

Um, I can learn. I'm thankful for the food that I have, the activities I get to do. What are some of your favorite activity? Um, piano. Ventriloquism. Soccer?

Yeah. No ventriloquism and soccer. That's a lot of things to do all at once. Not all at once. All. Okay. Not all at once. You're learning ventriloquism, huh? Yeah. And do you have a ventriloquism dummy? Not dummy. What are they called? I'm sorry. Is that not the proper terms? Call it the puppet puppet. I'm sorry. Miles. Where do you think for, for

My family? My friends and the, uh, policemen, firefighters and the army.

All right. Tell me your name. My name's Louie. Louie. What are you thankful for?

From my parents and how I can be here and do this podcast.

I'm grateful that you're here doing the podcast as well. Uh, tell me a little bit about your parents. What do they do for you?

Um, they let me go to school and learn and play sports. I like to do the sports. You like to play football and basketball.

What position do you like to play in football? Safety. Safety. And what is the safety? Good.

She's the last defender. And he asked them to take all the tackles and watch all the packs.

I'm gonna call you the last defender. I kind of liked that phrase, the last defendant. Okay. Well, good luck. I'm glad your parents are so supportive of that. That's awesome. Ellie, what are some things you're thankful for Thanksgiving?

I'm thankful for my family and for my clothes.

Okay, awesome. Actually, what are you grateful for?

My family and everybody that will, um, that I can trust my family, my friends, um, my teachers, Mrs. Fisher. Um, the food that my parents provide and the home, the house over my head and thankful for the roof over my head. And I'm thankful for my food. I like to eat talkies

Hockey's those are hot. Not for me, not for you. We bought this big multipack of chips and I was the one that was in charge of reading the talkies because no one else could stand. I admire you. Good work. We had a lot of fun with students at Fox hollow in Hayden peak elementary schools who shared their thoughts on Thanksgiving and secrets to a successful Turkey dinner. Don't try this at home in Jordan school district. We're thankful every day for the opportunity to educate students and help them find success in life from all of us at the super cast, happy Thanksgiving. And remember, education is the most important thing you will do today. Happy Thanksgiving.

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