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Times have changed in how local business and industries court students for successful careers. Some are even trying to get students to sign on before they graduate.

In this episode of the Supercast, we visit the ‘Pathways to Professions’ Career Expo for students. We’ll show you how they are being courted for good jobs, who is hiring and how students can get the upper hand in jump starting their careers.

Parents often worry about new teen drivers behind the wheel. In this episode of the Supercast we try to take some of the worry and anxiety out of that experience by heading out to the driving range at Riverton High School. That’s where Superintendent Godfrey rides along with Driver Ed Instructor Steve Galley and a few of his students.

Superintendent Godfrey learned some valuable driving tips to keep everyone safe on the road.  Safe driving tips that might give parents a little peace of mind as they navigate new teen drivers.

Students in the Agriculture Program at West Jordan High are getting hands-on lessons that look nothing like Ag programs of the past. Here, high tech is combined with live farm animals and a working greenhouse to teach students where their food comes from. In many cases, they are students who may have never set foot on a farm before.

In this week’s episode of the Supercast, we meet Ag students and their instructor, along with Winston the Pig who is part of the Ag Program.

School counselors make a difference in young lives every single day and for that we simply don’t thank them enough.

On today’s episode of the Supercast, we recognize school counselors and the important work they do in and outside of school for students and families as part of National School Counseling Week.

If you always wondered what a school counselor does, how they can help you and your student, this episode is for you.